CSG Committees

Many hands make light work! Committees are the heart of what makes CSG run. We are always looking for new Committee members.  You do not have to serve on the Board of Governors to serve on a CSG committee. You only need to be a CSG member. Please contact the CSG President at President@csginc.org  if you are interested in becoming involved in a CSG Committee.

Required by By-laws

Ethics (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Investigate instances of policy violations and report recommended actions to the Board.

Executive Committee (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 2)
Consists of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Asst. Treasurer. Acts for full board in time of emergency.

Investment (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Governs and oversees investment plan and strategies.

Life Trust (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 4)
Establish, maintain and manage a Life Member Trust in accordance with the By-Laws.
(Three Board members appointed by the President.)

Membership  (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Incorporates outreach. Responsible for establishing relationships and partnerships with current and prospective members, organizations and others through the actions of the membership sub-committees.  Reviews and analyzes current membership/outreach strategies and determine effectiveness and potential for continuation or enhancement. Provide input and create framework for new programs

Subcommittee under Membership
Responsible for greeting program attendees, providing name tags, passing out and collecting surveys, provides refreshments for program events and Open Houses.  Helps with CSG tables at conferences.

Research Help Sessions
Subcommittee under Membership
Organize and implement in-library and virtual research help sessions

Social Media & Marketing
Subcommittee under Membership
Develops and implements social media strategies to promote the value of CSG. Build relationships through social media with current and prospective members as well as genealogy related organizations and individuals. Works closely with the Office Manager and other committees to publicize CSG events and activities. Manages and creates publicity which includes, but is not limited to social media, e-blasts, press releases, promotional mailings, designing promotional materials.

Nominating    (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Solicit and identify candidates for CSG Board and Officer positions. Present a proposed slate of Board Members and Officers at the Annual Meeting

Personnel (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Interface with the Office Manager on personnel issues. Review and revise the Personnel Manual.
(President, Vice President, Treasurer)

Program (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Work with the President and Office Manager to establish schedules, venues, topics and speakers for CSG meetings, open houses, classes and functions. Maintain a list of speakers. Establish protocols. Advertise speakers. Respond to requests.

Annual Seminar
Subcommittee under Program
Develops, organizes and coordinates CSG’s Annual Family History Seminar. Collects evaluation data. Evaluate data from the previous years’ event to form goals for the upcoming seminar.

Strategic Planning (Required by By-Laws, Article VI, section 5)
Assess emerging needs of genealogists and family historians and propose CSG programs and policies to meet those needs, including the CSG website and Facebook, publications and programs. Advises other committees on goals of plan. Works to position CSG as a community leader. (Vice President – see Article IV, section 3B)

Ad Hoc Committees

Building Maintenance
Maintain CSG Office/Library building. Carry out small repairs and renovations, contract for larger ones.

Conduct reviews of the By-Laws and make recommendations to the Board as required.

Government Relations
Keep CSG Board informed about proposed government and legislative actions impacting genealogists and access to vital records.

Ensure that CSG library is maintained, books cataloged, book donations/acquisitions properly routed.

Literary Awards
Soliciting for articles and book reviews for Lit Awards as well as for CSG Publications.Promote and advertise contest, propose changes to awards to CSG Board, establish criteria and evaluate entries, conduct award ceremony, advertise contest winners.

Publication of the Connecticut Nutmegger and Connecticut Genealogy News.

Act as a delegate to the NERGC Conference

NGS Delegate
Acts as delegate to NGS

Maintain CSG hardware and software including computers, office equipment, Internet facilities and communications. Provide in-house expertise and technical support. Provide liaison for external technical contracting and support. Maintains website. Interface with Membership and Program committees as to new technologies to enhance outreach.