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City/Town Name:
Middlesex County
Probate District:
Year Established:
Year Incorporated:
Form of Government:
Mayor-Common Council
Town Hall Address:
245 deKoven Drive
Middletown, CT 06457
Town Clerk: (860) 638-4910
All Vital Records are in Health Department
(860) 638-4960
M-F 8:30-4:30
records from 1852
Web Address:

History Brief:
By tradition settlers came here by 1650. On 11 September 1651, the General Court of Connecticut ordered that the town of Mattabeseck be established. In November 1653, the Court renamed the town as Middletown. In 1784, the central settlement was incorporated as a city distinct from the town and in 1923, the City of Middletown was consolidated with the Town. From the original lands were incorporated the following towns: Chatham, which encompassed the present towns of East Hampton and Portland, 1767; Cromwell, 1851; and Middlefield, 1866. A small portion of land was also incorporated into Berlin in 1785. Town vital records begin 1651. Barbour collection records cover 1651-1854.
Other City Names (1)
Settled From (2)
Town Name:Hartford

Town Name:Wethersfield
Population (7)






Founding Families (23)
Surname:Allen, Thomas

Surname:Bacon, Nathaniel

Surname:Blumfield, William

Surname:Cornwell, William

Surname:Hall, John

Surname:Hall, Richard

Surname:Hall, Samuel

Surname:Hamlin, Giles

Surname:Harris, Daniel

Surname:Harris, William

Surname:Hubbard, George

Surname:Kirby, John

Surname:Martin, John

Surname:Miller, Thomas

Surname:Sage, David

Surname:Savage, John

Surname:Smith, William

Surname:Stocking, Samuel

Surname:Stow, Samuel

Surname:Treat, Matthias

Surname:Webster, Robert

Surname:Wetmore, Thomas

Surname:White, Nathaniel
Cemeteries (23)
Name:Calvary Cemetery
Location:Bow LN

Name:Congregation Adath Israel Cemetery
Location:714 Pine ST

Name:Connecticut Industrial School for Girls Cemetery
Location:Pine ST near Long Hill RD

Name:Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH) Cemetery/State Hospital Cemetery
Location:Silvermine RD

Name:Indian Hill Cemetery
Location:Washington ST, between Vine ST & Butternut ST

Name:Maromas Cemetery
Location:Aircraft RD, near Maromas RD

Name:Miner Cemetery
Location:Miner ST, near Smith ST

Name:Mortimer Cemetery
Location:Liberty ST, between Main ST & Pearl ST

Name:New Farm Hill Cemetery
Location:502 Ridge RD

Name:Old East (Street) Cemetery
Location:East ST, north of Bystrek DR

Name:Old Farm Hill Cemetery
Location:522 Ridge RD

Name:Old Riverside Cemetery/McDonough Cemetery
Location:St John's Square, southeast side

Name:Old South Side Cemetery
Location:Country Club RD, near Knox BLVD

Name:Old Westfield Cemetery/Old Highland Cemetery
Location:Boardman LN

Name:Old Westfield Cemetery/Old Highland Cemetery
Location:Boardman RD

Name:Pine Grove Cemetery
Location:857 South Main ST

Name:Prior Cemetery
Location:Maromas RD

Name:St John's Cemetery (old)
Location:St John's ST

Name:St. John's Cemetery (new)
Location:65 Johnson ST

Name:State Veterans Cemetery
Location:317 Bow Lane

Name:Washington Street Cemetery
Location:349 Washington Terrace

Name:Wesleyan University Cemetery/God's Acre
Location:Wesleyan Campus, west of Andrus Field

Name:Wilcox Cemetery/New Highland Cemetery
Location:Atkins ST, near Wilcox Pond
Churches (29)
Name:Bethel Apostolic Church
Location:520 East Main ST

Name:Church of the Holy Trinity, Episcopal
Location:381 Main ST

Name:Congregation Adath Israel
Location:8 Broad ST

Name:Cross Street African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Location:440 West ST

Name:Faith Christian Assembly
Location:46 Grandview DR

Name:Faith Lutheran Church, ELCA
Location:300 Washington ST

Name:Fellowship Church (fka Fellowship Baptist Church?)
Location:1002 Saybrook RD

Name:First Baptist Church, ABC/USA
Location:93 Main ST

Name:First Church of Christ Congregational, UCC
Location:190 Court ST

Name:First Church of Christ, Scientist
Location:63 Broad ST

Name:Good News Baptist Church, SBC
Location:519 Butternut ST

Name:House of God Church
Location:217 East Main ST

Name:Independent Baptist Bible Church
Location:558 Newfield ST

Name:Kingdom Hall, Jehovah's Witnesses
Location:19 Congdon ST E

Name:Middletown Bible Church
Location:349 East ST

Name:Mount Hope First Baptist Church
Location:115 Bridge ST

Name:New Hope Bible Way Church
Location:712 Main ST

Name:New Jerusalem Baptist Church
Location:47 Norfolk ST

Name:Pine Street Gospel Chapel, 7th Day Baptists
Location:219 Pine ST

Name:Shiloh Christian Church
Location:693 Saybrook RD

Name:Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Location:346 Butternut ST

Name:South Congregational Church, UCC
Location:9 Pleasant ST

Name:St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish
Location:10 Elm ST

Name:St. John's Roman Catholic Church
Location:19 St. John's Square

Name:St. Mary of Czestochowa Roman Catholic Church
Location:79 South Main ST

Name:St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church
Location:310 Westfield ST

Name:St. Sebastian Roman Catholic Church
Location:155 Washington ST

Name:Third Congregational Church
Location:94 Miner ST

Name:Zion Baptist Church
Location:16 James A Moses AV
Monuments (4)
Name:24th Regiment CV Monument
Description:Pink granite exedra with embellished central pedestal. Two risers lead up to curved seats which flank the pedestal. A bronze eagle perches on a sphere at the top of the pedestal.
Location:Washington Terrace Green
Dedication Date:10/20/1904
Artist/Sculptor:H. Hilliard Smith

Name:Founders' Rock
Description:A large rock near Riverside Cemetery upon which is a bronze plaque containing the names of the first settlers. There is also a plaque with the names of the Indian landowners who sold the land to the settlers. 100 years later, in 2000, a rededication ceremony was held under the auspices of the Society of Middletown First Settlers Descendants (SMFSD). In 2001, an additional plaque with the names of the 22 wives of the first settlers was mounted on the same rock and dedicated by the members of SMFSD.
Location:St. John's Park
Dedication Date:1900

Name:Mansfield Post Civil War Monument
Description:Civil War Soldier with rifle, supported by high pedestal on three risers, all of polished granite, overall approximately 17'.
Location:Indian Hill Cemetery
Dedication Date:1884

Name:Soldier's Monument
Description:Quincy granite pedestal with bronze bas-relief plaques, surmounted by a bronze Civil War infantryman with grounded rifle, and flanked on its four corners by bronze cannons captured from the Confederate army. Overall height, 19'6".
Location:South Green (Union Park), Old Church ST
Dedication Date:1874
Artist/Sculptor:Melzar H. Mosman
Communities (8)
Name:Bretton Heights




Name:Newfield Heights

Name:North End

Name:South Farms

Historical Locations (2)
Name:General Mansfield House (Middlesex County Historical Society)
Location:151 Main ST

Name:Memorial Chapel, Wesleyan University
Location:High Street
Notable Citizens (3)
Name:Baldwin, Raymond E., politician/jurist

Name:Meigs, Return, Sr. - Revolutionary War officer

Name:Work, Henry Clay - composer
Newspapers (1)
Name:Middletown Press
Location:386 Main ST
Schools (18)
Name:Bertrand E. Spencer Elementary School
Location:207 Westfield ST

Name:Bielefield School
Location:70 Maynard ST

Name:Connecticut Christian Academy
Location:30 Brooks RD

Name:Farm Hill Elementary School
Location:390 Ridge RD

Name:Keigwin Middle School
Type:Middle School
Location:99 Spruce ST

Name:Lawrence Elementary School
Location:310 Mile Lane

Name:Macdonough School
Location:66 Spring ST

Name:Mercy High School
Location:1740 Randolph RD

Name:Middlesex Community College
Location:100 Training Hill Rd., Middletown, CT, 06457

Name:Middletown High School
Location:200 LaRosa Lane

Name:Moody Elementary School
Location:300 Country Club RD

Name:Roadside Academy
Location:140 Broad ST

Name:Vinal Technical High School
Type:High School
Location:60 Daniels St., Middletown, CT 06457

Name:Wesley Elementary School
Location:10 Wesleyan Hills RD

Name:Wesleyan University
Location:45 Wyllis DR

Name:Wilbert Snow Elementary School
Location:299 Wadsworth ST

Name:Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Type:Middle School
Location:370 Hunting Hill AV

Name:Xavier High School
Type:High School
Location:181 Randolph RD
Libraries (2)
Name:Godfrey Memorial Library
Location:134 Newfield St, Middletown, CT 06457

Name:Russell Library
Location:123 Broad Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Published Histories (3)
Name:Early Families of Middletown, Connecticut
Author:Bacon, Reginald W.
Date Published:2012
Publisher:Variety Arts Press
Description:Volume I: 1650-1654. Plus Historical/Cultural Context including
A Concise History of Middletown 1650-2000
English Origins of Middletown's Early Settlers
Puritanism in Middletown
Burying Grounds of Early Middletown
Domestic Architecture of 17th Century Connecticut
Community & Public Service in 17th Century Middletown
Native Americans & African-Americans in Early Middletown
Spiral bound soft-cover, 194 pgs

Name:Middletown and the American Revolution
Author:Van Dusen, Albert E.
Date Published:1976
Publisher:Middlesex Historical Society
Description:reprint of a history prepared by Professor Van Dusen of the University of Connecticut for the Tercentenary of Middletown, 1950. Softcover, 35 pgs.

Name:Riverside Cemetery, Middletown, Connecticut
Author:Shortell, David
Date Published:2007
Description:57 pgs + CD, report cover. Introduction, graphs, database and color photographs of gravestones
Genealogy Websites (1)
Website Name:Connecticut Genealogy
Historic Timeline (0)
No Data Available.
Town Historian (1)
Name:Middlesex County Historical Society
151 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: (860) 346-0746
Vital Records (0)
No Data Available.

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