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City/Town Name:
New London County
Probate District:
Year Established:
Year Incorporated:
Form of Government:
Council - Manager
Town Hall Address:
Town Hall
741 Colonel Ledyard Highway
Ledyard, CT 06339
(860) 464-8740
Town Clerk (860) 464-3229
Research hours 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m
Staff will retrieve volumes
Web Address:

History Brief:
The first settlers at New London came in 1645 and few years later a few pioneers moved up the Thames River to what is now Ledyard. Later John Winthrop Jr., with a number of the original settlers considerably increased their numbers and added to it the authority of the Colony of Massachusetts. When Groton was set off in 1705, Ledyard was part of it. On 14 October 1725, the General Assembly permitted the formation of the Groton North Society or The Second Society in Groton. In 1836, this section was incorporated as the town of Ledyard, named for Colonel William Ledyard of Groton, Commander of Fort Griswold, who was run through with his own sword after he surrendered the Fort to the British on 6 September 1781. Town vital records begin 1836.
Barbour collection records cover 1836-55.
Other City Names (1)
Name:North Groton or the Second Society of Groton
Settled From (1)
Town Name:Groton
Population (7)






Founding Families (4)



Cemeteries (50)
Name:Allen Cemetery
Location:Sandy Hollow Road

Name:Allyn Cemetery
Location:2 miles north of Ledyard Center

Name:Allyn's Point Cemetery
Location:At Allyn's Point, Thames River

Name:Avery Cemetery
Location:Near Norwich Road

Name:Avery Hill Cemetery
Location:Near Old Mystic

Name:B.T. Avery Cemetery
Location:1 mile South of Avery Hill

Name:Bailey Cemetery
Location: In field 1 mile south of center

Name:Bill Cemetery
Location:1 mile north of Ledyard Center

Name:Bolles Cemetery
Location:Military Highway

Name:Brown Cemetery

Name:Center Cemetery
Location:Groton Road

Name:Chapman Cemetery
Location:Near Stoddard's wharf

Name:Fanning Cemetery
Location:1/2 mile south of Long Pond

Name:Gales Ferry Cemetery
Location:At Gales Ferry, Military Highway

Name:Gallup Cemetery
Location:Gallup Hill Road

Name:Geer Cemetery
Location:1 mile north Center

Name:Gray Cemetery
Location:1/2 mile north of Brown Cemetery

Name:Hallet Cemetery
Location:North part of town

Name:Hewitt Cemetery
Location:East part of town

Name:Holdredge Cemetery
Location:Near Maintown Cemetery

Name:Hulbut Cemetery
Location:Near Gales Ferry

Name:Indian (Mashantucket) Cemetery
Location:Near Long Pond and Fanning Road

Name:Indian Cemetery
Location:Near Gales Ferry

Name:Kate Swamp
Location:Near Gray Cemetery

Name:Lamb Cemetery (field stones only)
Location:On Austin Lamb's farm

Name:Lamb Cemetery
Location:Stones and bodies reoved to Groton

Name:Lamb Town Cemetery
Location:Lamb Town Road

Name:Lee Cemetery
Location:1/2 mile west of Brown Cemetery

Name:Lester Cemetery
Location:Vinegar Hill Near Royal Oak Tree

Name:Maintown Cemetery
Location:Near Lantern Hill Pond

Name:McGuire Cemetery
Location:North of Quakertown Cemetery

Name:Morgan Cemetery #1
Location:Sandy Hollow Road

Name:Morgan Cemetery #2
Location:Sand Hollow

Name:Morgan Cemetery #3
Location:North of Morgan Pond

Name:Myers or Williams Cemetery
Location:North part of town

Name:Newton Cemetery
Location:Whalehead Road

Name:Private Cemetery
Location:In field near Bailey Cemetery

Name:Quakertown Cemetery #1
Location:Quakertown Road

Name:Quakertown Cemetery #2
Location:Next to Quakertown #1 Cemetery

Name:Roach Cemetery
Location:Sandy Hollow Road

Name:Rogerene Cemetery
Location:In woods near the Woodbridge Cemetery

Name:Rose Hill Cemetery (field stones only)
Location:Opposite Calvin Main's old house

Name:Single grave
Location:In swamp near Calvin Main's house

Name:Spicer Cemetery
Location:Colonel Ledyard Highway

Name:Stoddard Cemetery
Location:On bank of Thames River, 1 mile north of Allyn"s Point Cemetery

Name:Stoddard Cemetery
Location:At Stoddard Hill

Name:Thomas Main Cemetery
Location:Near upper end of Long Pond

Name:Williams Cemetery #1
Location:In woods opposite Morgan Pond

Name:Williams Cemetery
Location:East part of town

Name:Woodbridge Cemetery
Location:Southeast part of Ledyard
Churches (7)
Name:Archor Baptist Church (860) 886-9892
Location:52 Fanning Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Gallup Hill Baptist (860) 464-8532
Location:79 Gallup Hill Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Ledyard Congregational Church (860) 464-9926
Location:722 Colonel Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church (860) 464-7251
Location:1650 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT 06335

Name:St. David's Episcopal Church (860) 464-6516
Location:Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT 06335

Name:St. Luke Lutheran Church (860) 464-7897
Location:1830 Route 12 & Clark Lane

Name:United Methodists Church (860) 464-7407
Location:6 Chapman Lane, Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Monuments (2)
Description:14" x30' bronze plaque on stone outcropping
Location:78 Military Highway, Gales Ferry in Ledyard, CT
Dedication Date:1870's

Description:19' tan/gray granite obelisk, with ordnance
Location:20 Colonel Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339
Dedication Date:07/04/1873
Communities (22)
Name:Aljen Hts.

Name:Barrett Park

Name:Christy Hill Estates

Name:Colonial Manor

Name:Cranwood Homestead

Name:Dovonshire Estates

Name:Ferry View Hts.

Name:Gales Ferry




Name:Lantern Hill

Name:Ledyard Center

Name:Ledyard Village

Name:Long Pond

Name:Parsonage Hill Manor

Name:Pheasant Run

Name:Presidential Estates

Name:Quaker Town

Name:Sherwood Forest


Name:Woodridge Estates
Historical Locations (2)
Name:Capt. Mark Stoddard Farmstead

Name:Perkins-Bill House
Notable Citizens (2)
Name:Frederick Ayer (1822-1918) Industrialist

Name:Fuller Potter (1910-1990) Artist
Newspapers (0)
No Data Available.
Schools (6)
Name:Gales Ferry School K-2 (860) 464-7764
Location:1858 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT 06335

Name:Gallup Hill School K-6 (860) 536-9477
Location:169 Gallup Hill Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Juliet W. Long School 3-6 (860) 464-2780
Location:1854 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT 06335

Name:Ledyard Center School K-6 (860) 464-8080
Location:l Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Ledyard High School 9-12 (860) 464-9600
Type:High School
Location:24 Gallup Hill Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Ledyard Middle School 7-8 (860) 464-3188
Type:Middle School
Location:1862 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Libraries (2)
Name:Bill Library (860) 464-9912
Location:718 Colonial Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339

Name:Gales Ferry Library (860) 464-6943
Location:18 Hurlbutt Road, Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Published Histories (4)
Name:Historic Ledyard: Vol. 1, Gail Ferry Village
Author:Ledyard Historic District Commission
Date Published:1976
Publisher:Ledyard Historic District Cimmission

Name:History of the town of Ledyard 1650-1900
Author:John Avery
Date Published:1901
Publisher:Norwich Bulletin Co.

Name:Index, Town Meeting Records of Ledyard, CT 1836-1891
Author:Ledyard Historic District Commission
Date Published:1979
Publisher:Ledyard Historic District Cimmission

Name:Suppl., Index of John Avery's Hist of Ledyard, CT 1650-1900
Author:Mrs. Herbert W. Gallup
Date Published:1929
Genealogy Websites (2)
Website Name:CT Gen Web

Website Name:Roots Web
Historic Timeline (0)
No Data Available.
Town Historian (2)
Name:Christopher G. Foster
Contact Data:1102 Long Cover Road
Gales Ferry, CT 06335-1812

Name:Contact the:
Contact Data:Ledyard Historical Society
P.O. Box 411
Ledyard, CT 06339
Vital Records (1)
Birth:1836 - Present - Earlier records check Groton or New London
Marriage:1836 - Present - Earlier records check Groton or New London
Death:1836 - Present - Earlier records check Groton or New London

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