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City/Town Name:
Hartford County
Probate District:
Year Established:
Year Incorporated:
Form of Government:
Town Council - Manager
Town Hall Address:
Town Hall
275 Broad Street
Windsor, CT 06095
860 285-1902
Mon - Fri
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Web Address:

History Brief:
A trading post was established at Windsor on the Connecticut River in 1633. The migration that followed in 1635 came mostly from Dorchester, Massachusetts under the leadership of Rev. John Warham. The town was initially named Dorchester. On 21 February 1636/7 the name of Dorchester was changed to Windsor. Town vital records begin 1633. Barbour collection records cover 1637-1850.
Other City Names (1)
Settled From (0)
No Data Available.
Population (8)







Founding Families (135)
Surname:Abbot, George

Surname:Alford, Sgt. Benedictus

Surname:Allen, Samuel

Surname:Allyn, Matthew

Surname:Barber, Thomas

Surname:Bartlett, John

Surname:Bascomb, Thomas

Surname:Bassett, Thomas

Surname:Bennett, John

Surname:Birge, Richard

Surname:Bissell, Capt. John

Surname:Branker, Elder John

Surname:Brewster, Jonathan

Surname:Buckland, Thomas

Surname:Buell, William

Surname:Carter, Joshua

Surname:Chappel, George

Surname:Clarke, Daniel

Surname:Clarke, Deacon Henry

Surname:Clarke, Joseph

Surname:Collins, Mary (Merwin) (Tinker)

Surname:Cooke, Capt. Aaron

Surname:Cooper, Thomas

Surname:Denslow. Nicholas

Surname:Dewey, Thomas

Surname:Dibble, Thomas

Surname:Drake, John

Surname:Dumbleton, John

Surname:Dyer, John

Surname:Eels, John

Surname:Eggleston, Bygod

Surname:Filley, William

Surname:Ford, Thomas

Surname:Foulkes, Henry

Surname:Fyler, Lt. Walter

Surname:GIllett, Nathan

Surname:Gaylord, Dea. William

Surname:Gibbs, Francis

Surname:Gilbert, William

Surname:Gillett, Jeremiah

Surname:Gillett, Jonathan

Surname:Grant, Matthew

Surname:Gridley, Thomas

Surname:Griswold, Edward

Surname:Griswold, Matthew

Surname:Gunn, Thomas

Surname:Hannum, William

Surname:Hawkes, John

Surname:Hawkins, Anthony

Surname:Hayden, William

Surname:Haynes, Gov. John

Surname:Hill, William

Surname:Hillier, John

Surname:Holcombe, Thomas

Surname:Holmes, Lt. William

Surname:Holt, Mary

Surname:Hosford, Elder William

Surname:Hoskins, John

Surname:Hoyte, Simon

Surname:Hubbard, Samuel

Surname:Huit, Rev. Ephraim

Surname:Hulbert, William

Surname:Hull, George

Surname:Hurd, John

Surname:Hydes, Humphrey

Surname:Loomis, Joseph

Surname:Ludlow, Roger

Surname:Lush, Henry

Surname:Marshall, Ann

Surname:Marshall, Thomas

Surname:Marshield, Thomas

Surname:Mason, Maj. John

Surname:Merwin, Miles

Surname:Mills, Simon

Surname:Moore, Thomas

Surname:Newberry, Thomas

Surname:Nowell, Thomas

Surname:Oldage, John

Surname:Orton, Thomas

Surname:Osborn, Richard

Surname:Palmer, Sgt. Nicholas

Surname:Parkman, Elias

Surname:Parsons, Thomas

Surname:Pattison, Edward

Surname:Phelps, Frances (-?-) (Clark) (Dewey)

Surname:Phelps, George

Surname:Phelps, William

Surname:Phillips, George

Surname:Pinney, Humphrey

Surname:Pomeroy, Eltweed

Surname:Pond, Samuel

Surname:Porter, John

Surname:Preston, Edward

Surname:Rainend, Matthew

Surname:Randall, Philip

Surname:Rawlins, Jasper

Surname:Reeves, John

Surname:Rockwell, Dea. William

Surname:Rockwell, John

Surname:Rossiter, Dr. Bray

Surname:Saltonstall, Robert

Surname:Samos, Richard

Surname:Sension, Nicholas

Surname:Sensions (St. John), Matthias

Surname:Sexton, Richard

Surname:St. Nicholas, John

Surname:Staires, Sgt. Thomas

Surname:Starke, Aaron

Surname:Stiles, Francis

Surname:Stiles, Henry

Surname:Stiles, John

Surname:Stiles, Thomas

Surname:Stoughton, Ens. Thomas

Surname:Stoughton, Margaret, (Barrett) (Huntington)

Surname:Stuckey, George

Surname:Talcott, John

Surname:Taylor, John

Surname:Terry, Stephen

Surname:Thornton, Thomas

Surname:Thrall, William

Surname:Tilley, John

Surname:Tilton, Peter

Surname:Try, Michael

Surname:Vore, Richard

Surname:Warham, Rev. Johh

Surname:Weller, Richard

Surname:Whitehead, Richard

Surname:Williams, Arthur

Surname:Williams, John

Surname:Williams, Roger

Surname:Wilton, Lt. David

Surname:Winchell, Robert

Surname:Witchefield, Eld. John

Surname:Wolcott, Henry

Surname:Young, John
Cemeteries (10)

Name:Ellsworth (Single stone)
Location:Kennedy Street, Windsor, CT

Name:Elm Grove (1738)
Location:1340 Poquonock Avenue, Windsor, CT

Name:Northwood Cemetery
Location:Matianuck Avenue, Windsor, CT

Name:Old Poquonock Burying Ground (1722)
Location:Marshall Phelps Road, Windsor, CT

Name:Palisado (1644)
Location:97 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT

Name:Riverside (1864)
Location:Pleasant Street, Windsor, CT

Name:St. Joseph (1879)
Location:2135 Poquonock Avenue, Windsor, CT

Name:Town Plot
Location:Next to Riverside Cemetery

Name:Windsor Veterans
Churches (9)
Name:Christ the King Lutheran Church (860) 688-1854
Location:465 Park Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Connectictu Valley Church of Christ (860) 683-0591
Location:61 Cook Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:First Church of Windsor (86) 688-7229
Location:107 Palisado Avenue, Windsor , CT 06095

Name:Grace Baptist Church (860) 688-3847
Location:830 Marshall Phelps Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Grace Church Episcopal (860) 688-1232
Location:311 Broad Street, Windsor, cT 06095

Name:International Gospel Fellowship (860) 687-1765
Location:650 Park Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Poquonock Community Church (860) 688-243-5778
Location:1817 Poquonock Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:St. Gabriel Roman Catholic Church (860) 688-4905
Location:379 Broad Street, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:St. Gertrude Roman Catholic Church (860) 522-6163
Location:550 Matianuck Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095
Monuments (2)
Name:Founders Mounument
Description:Erected by the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, Connecticut Branch
Location:Palisado Green
Dedication Date:03/30/1930

Name:Major. John Mason
Description:Originally located in Mystic, Connecticut, this statute of John Mason was relocated on Palisado Green and a new plaque dedicated in June 1996.
Location:Palisado Green
Dedication Date:06/26/1996
Communities (4)

Name:Hayden Station


Historical Locations (2)
Name:John Strong House (formerly Walter Fyler House)
Location:96 Palisdado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Oliver Ellsworth Homestead
Location:778 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095
Notable Citizens (5)
Name:John Fitch (1743-1798) Inventor, clockmaker, bronzesmith and inventor of the steamboat

Name:Moe Drabowsky (1935-2006) Major league baseball pictcher

Name:Oliver Ellsworth (1745-1807) Third Chief Justice of the United States

Name:Oliver Wolcott (1726-1797) Signer of the Declaration of the Independence

Name:Roger Wolcott (1679-1767) Colonial governor of Connecticut
Newspapers (3)
Name:Journal Inquirer (860) 646-0500
Location:306 Progress Drive, P.O. Box 510, Manchester, CT 06045

Name:The Reminder (860) 875-3366
Location:130 Old Town Road, P.O. Box 27, Vernon, CT 06066

Name:Windsor Journal Weekly (860) 236-3571
Location:99 Main Street, Bristol, CT 06010
Schools (12)
Name:Branford Hall Career Institute (860) 683-4900
Location:995 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Clover Street Elementary School 1-5 (860) 687-2050
Location:57 Clover Street, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:John F. Kennedy Middle School 1-5 (860) 687-2060
Location:530 Park Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Loomis Chaffee School 9-12 (Private) (860) 687-6000
Type:High School
Location:4 Bachedder Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School 1-5 (860) 687-2070
Location:730 Kennedy Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Poquonock Elementary School 1-5 (860) 687-2080
Location:1760 Poquonock Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Praise, Power, Prayer Christian School (Private) K-12 (860) 285-8898
Location:209 Kennedy Road, P.O. Box 474, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Roger Wolcott Early Childhood Center PK (860) 246-9032
Location:57 East Wolcott Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Sage Park Middle School 6-8 (860) 687-2030
Type:Middle School
Location:25 Sage Park Road, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:St. Gabriel's School (Private) K-8 (860) 688-6401
Location:77 Bloomfield Avenue, Windsor, CT 0688-6401

Name:Trinity Christian School (Private) Pk-12 (860) 688-2008
Location:180 Park Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Windsor High School 9-12 (860) 687-2020
Type:High School
Location:50 Sage Park Road, Windsor, CT 06095
Libraries (2)
Name:Wilson Public Library (860) 247-8960
Location:365 Windsor Avenue, Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Windsor Public Library (860) 285-1910
Location:323 Broad Street, Windsor, CT 06095
Published Histories (3)
Name:The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut
Author:Stiles, Henry Reed
Date Published:1992
Publisher:Reprint: Picton Press, Rockport, Maine
Description:Mr. Stiles work first appeared in 1856. He published a revision to this work in 1893 with Volume 1 containing the history of Windsor and Volume 2 containing genealogies and biographies. Both volumes were also reprinted in 1976 by the New Hampshire Publishing Company, Somerworth, NH

Name:The River Towns of Connecticut: A Study of Wethersfield, Hartford & Windsor
Author:Charles McLean Andrews
Date Published:1973
Publisher:Reprint: Johnson Reprint Corp.

Name:Windsor Farms, A Glimpse of an Old Parish
Author:John Alden Stoughton
Date Published:1883
Publisher:Clark and Smith
Genealogy Websites (2)
Website Name:Kindred Trails

Website Name:The Windsor Public Library
Historic Timeline (0)
No Data Available.
Town Historian (2)
Name:Christine Ermenc
Contact Data:Windsor Historical Society
96 Palisado Avenue
Windsor, CT 06095

Name:Contact the:
Contact Data:Windsor Historical Society
96 Palisado Avenue
Windsor, CT 06095
(860) 688-3813
Vital Records (1)
Birth:1633 - present
Marriage:1633 - present
Death:1633 - present

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